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Glider Lesson at Marlow Buckinghamshire on 24th May 2010

I was bought a Trial Glider lesson by my family as a 40th Birthday present, and what a present to remember!!

On 24th May 2010 My mate Dave and I left Romford for Marlow, Buckinghamshire.Lucky enough we left early as we experienced traffic as roads were closed due to accidents. On the plus side it was a very hot and sunny day! I saw two Red kites on the way down, forgot there were in The Chilterns, lovely.
We arrived at Booker Gliding centre half hour early. As luck would have it the person whose lesson was booked before me hadn't arrived yet and I could get up early....RESULT!!

After filling in some paperwork, We headed over to the airfield where I met my instructor who was taking me up. We made our way over to the glider and the instructor got her ready for flight.

It was then explained to me what each instrument was for in the cockpit (airspeed, altitude etc) and what to expect from my lesson today. I was soon to be up and being in control of a glider!

 My pilot then went on to …