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5 mile walk from Havering Country Park to Hainault and back 9th June 2011

On 9th June 2011  My dog Ben and I set off for a 5.1 mile walk from Havering Country Park across to Hainault Forest and back.

We walked on past Havering Country park and turned left on to a footpath/Bridle-path past a field full of horses.Then on past the path that leads down to Lodge Avenue and left again into a meadow, where I saw a hare dart off, totally missed by Ben, also swallows,yellowhammers, blackcaps etc

And a view across towards Park farm and Stapleford Abbotts direction...

We eventually came upon Hainault Golf Course, where the path seemed to disappear, no marking to indicate which way to walk, so we ended up walking straight across keeping a eye out for in coming golf balls :).

We then wondered into Hainault Forest having found our way off the golf course.

I knew exactly where I was now and headed off to the old Camelot pub now named something stupid like Miller and Carter or something! Only to find it hasn't opened yet :(

We crossed back across the road down …