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Rotherhithe-A Thames Tour 27th January 2012

This walk will take you on a historic tour around the homes and work places of London seafarers.

A map of the Thames Tour of Rotherhithe.
The start point is Redriff Road Bridge, close to Canada Water tube.
 As you walk under the bridge you enter Greenland Dock, part of Surrey Quays.

 The dock dates back to the 17th Century and was originally known as Howland Great Wet Dock.
It was used as a shelter for ships ready to unload their goods at the nearby legal quays.
It was also twice the current size and one of the largest in the world.
It was later renamed Greenland Dock in recognition of the whaling trade during the 18th Century.
Many ships sailed from London to Greenland hunting whales for blubber and whalebone.
The blubber was rendered down to produce oil for lamps, to lubricate machinery and even for use in soap.
The bones were used in umbrellas and corsets. Boilers, tanks and whaling fleets would have been the busy scene along the dock where you stand today.

 In the early 1…