Sunday, 30 October 2011

Walk in Constables Country 28th October 2011

We set off from Highview Grange site and drove to Dedham on the 28th October 2011 for a walk from Dedham to Flatford Mill.

Lucy and Adam standing in a Ford.

We walked along crossing the bridge over the River Stour, looking down on the boat hire and watching the chub and dace swimming in the currents.

Ben couldn't resist getting wet.
We followed the river along...................

After about 3/4 to a mile, the ground got too much for the mother-in-law, so she and Jeanette set back to the car, whilst the rest of us carried on.

We crossed the Fen Bridge but stopped to have a game of Pooh Sticks first. Then continued further along the river.

A herd of cows sheltering in the bushes.

Bridge Cottage

Bridge Cottage

Bridge Cottage

Bridge Cottage

Bridge Cottage
I has another look around the exhibition again, forgetting the low ceiling n the building I managed to whack my head quite hard...Ouch!!

A nice Halloween picture taken inside the exhibition.

The Haywain by John Constable, set at Flatford Mill.

Just round the corner from here was a RSPB garden where the kids did a field hunt looking for clues and won some wild flower seeds and other bits.

Bridge Cottage
Back to where we came off down the road to Flatford Mill.

Location of Constables Boat building picture

Flatford Mill, site of the haywain

Bridge Cottage

Bridge Cottage

Bridge Cottage

On our way back we walked back through a boggy flooded area, I said to the kids walk over here it looks too deep there, and as usual kids don't listen and Adams welly gets sucked off and he left standing on one leg with his welly floating about in the water. Did look funny though lol.
And finally back to Dedham!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Walk around Roydon,Essex 18th October 2011

On 18th October 2011 I set off in the car with no specific destination in mind for a walk, after driving through Epping I saw signs for Roydon. Remembering I wanted to take a look one day My dog Ben and I made our there.
Upon arriving I parked up in Roydon Marina Village and walked along the Stort Navigation.

We walked as far as we could until we came to a dead end, so we walked back to the car and I drove back into the village a little and parked up and walked back towards the River Stort Navigation.

Some Stocks on a green
Roydon Signpost... The village is recorded in the Domesday Book as Ruindune and appears later as Reidona in c. 1130, as Reindon in 1204, and as Roindon in 1208.

The Church House Circa 1475 next to St Peters Church.

Then we walked past St Peters Church.........

The church, St Peters, dates from the Middle Ages.

A little further along Something caught my eye...I thought is that a Turkey?? Yes it was then I noticed the sign....

Its a Turkey Farm Lol

They all came running over all looking excited....they obviously don't know its only 68 days to Christmas!!
We reached the Stort Navigation again....

Hunsdon Meadow

View into the river, from the weir on the Navigation

We was now heading back along the navigation back to where we started. Below is a narrowboat going through a lock.
Narrowboat coming through a lock

Then we were back where we started back at the road, where we walked back to the car.

The White Hart PH on The High Street

The New Inn Roydon High Street
We then drove home after a very nice walk....

The Adventures continue on................