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Royal London walk 8th October 2012

This is a circular walk starting and ending at Westminster station.
On 8th October 2012 I set off for a short walk around London. I didn't have much time so this made a pleasant break from my London Loop walks.
Again it was another wet day,so sorry for some of the pictures that have raindrops spoiling them,I did try my best to keep the lens free from rain.

I arrived at Westminster Station and left the station,walking towards Westminster bridge, stopped at the first traffic lights on the corner (at the junction of Victoria Embankment and Bridge Street). Behind me is Portcullis House, and in front of you, Victoria Embankment.

Portcullis House was opened in 2000, it hosts the offices for British Members of Parliament. There is an underground walkway leading from the building through to the Palace of Westminster.
Victoria Embankment was completed in 1870 and is a classic example of Victorian construction and design. It was the first electrically illuminated stre…