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Trip to Scotland:Ben Nevis Climb April 2011

After planning to travel to the Highlands Scotland to climb Ben Nevis,things were finally finalised as people saying they could and then couldn't make it. Ash thankfully stepped in at the very last moment and said he'd come along.
So on the 26th April 2011 I left Romford and travelled to Victoria Coach Station London for a 13 and a half hour trip to Inverness via Manchester,Preston,Glasgow,Perth,Aviemore on a Megabus Coach.
We arrived at Manchester, where we were told we could get off for 15 minutes.Ash and I got off and I grabbed a coffee and bag of crisps from the coach station shop, as we came out we saw our coach driving off!..... I thought its only been 5 minutes, the thought off being stranded in Manchester while the coach drove away with all our gear scared the hell out of me!! I threw my coffee in the air and sprinted off after the coach. I caught it up on the corner and the driver indicated he was driving round the block and was pulling up again. Relief and all that …