Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A walk in the Chilterns-Chesham loop Hills and Vales 18th April 2011

Jakob and I decided to do a walk to break in our new boots before attempting Ben Nevis later this year. So on the 28th April 2011 we left Romford heading to Liverpool St ,where we got the Metropolitan line to Chesham , a 1hour 50 minute journey. This walk was a 8 mile loop that ended up being something like 13 to 14 miles thanks to navigation errors ( Shouldn't have listened to Jakob lol).
After exiting the station at Chesham we headed onto Chesham's Hight street (pic below)

 We then headed off out of Chesham into Pednor road,where I thought I'd ask a man directions to make sure we were on track. Just my luck to ask a deaf old git who didn't know where he was!! lol. Then we walked off  into Drydell Lane, where we made our first navigation error.It said just under a kilometre to Blind lane.Me not knowing how to estimate kilometres (should be miles) I listened to Jakob who said we'd gone too far.We walked up and down the same stretch of roads for ages looking for the metal 5 bar gate and a bridleway next to it .It was then Jakob said we must have to climb that gate there and walk through the field of cabbages. I did say that didn't look right and I can't see a bridleway, anyway I was fed up with the same stretch of road, so we headed off into the cabbages,  I said lets cut into them woods, where we came across a man, who we asked where Blind lane was. He didn't know. He got out his easel to start painting. I said to Jakob lets head back onto the road and follow it.I then stopped to have a quick wee, I was halfway through when I looked round to see the man painting away. Whoops forgot about him, I'm probably immortalised in a painting taking a piss lol. Lovely bluebells in the wood though!!
 Back on the road again we saw loads of red kites lovely. After a while we came across Blind Lane, shouldn't have listened to Jakob it wasn't that much further lol.
 We stopped for a few pictures along Blind lane see the 3 below. We also saw two hares dart away, Jakob shouted out but I was too slow with the camera to get any pictures. Then a red kite flew feet away from our heads. brilliant!

 We left Blind lane onto Little Hundridge Lane past Redding farm through the squeezer gate below.
 after a couple more squeezer gates we reached a sharp uphill stretch,he's Jakob pondering the thought of climbing it lol.
 View from the top of the sharp uphill.
 We then walked along Hollow way pictured below.
 and out into fields.
 Then another sharp uphill and a sign saying beware of Bulls.
 What's that Jakob "Balls"???
 Ah "bulls" lol.
We came out opposite The Bell pub in Chartridge lane only to find it closed ,disappointing!!! :( 

After another small navigation error we walked round the whole of a field the wrong way, adding more mileage lol. Then a really steep uphill, see below.
 Then at last a open pub, The Blue Ball Freehouse on Asheridge Road!!
 Where me and Jakob, enjoyed a beverage. Lovely!!! The landlady wasn't exactly too friendly though!!  (Jakob can I have a pear cider please? Landlady " we don't do pear cider we have Magners though" Jakob "that is Pear cider!!" lol)
 We headed off cut through Widmore farm into a wood pictured below.

 Then uphill to Captains wood, where we made our final navigation error, we didn't know where we were supposed to exit one tree looks the same as another lol.
We eventually emerged onto an industrial estate instead of some fines views promised and Lowndres park. Oh well we trundled through town towards the station. Then came across a flooded subway, Jakob said its not too deep , so through we go. Jakob then got a booty lol, thankfully my new boots are waterproof and I ran through quickly so as not to chance it. We then then reached the station for our journey home .

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