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Walking The Seven Sisters Seaford to Eastbourne 14th Nov 2011

After a bit of work sorting out a day where the three of us (Marie Nita and I) could all get out together. We settled on the 14th November 2011.
So we set off on the 14th at 9am along with the two Dogs Ben and Tia for Seaford,Sussex to walk the Seven Sisters from Seaford and ending in Eastbourne. After a drive we arrived in Seaford and parked up on the seafront, which as a added bonus was free.The mist still hadn't lifted and visibility was still reduced, much to our disappointment We sat in a shelter on the beach and had something to east and a cup of coffee,before we set off.
 The Seven Sisters is the name for the undulating cliffs between Cuckmere Haven and Birling Gap. They are thought to have been formed by glacier melt water at the end of the last Ice Age: the melt water carved steep sided valleys, which were then truncated by sea erosion into the cliffs we see today.

 We set off and walked towards the Martello tower on the seafront.
The first part of the footpa…