Friday, 7 October 2011

A walk from Little Venice to Camden Lock London 7th October 2011

I set out from home on 7th October 2011 to do a shortish walk from Little Venice on the Regents Canal to Camden Lock London.
I got the train and tube to Warwick street Tube Station near Paddington and a short walk saw me at Little Venice.

I now know this to be the start of The Grand Union Canal
Without checking I started to walk towards what I thought was Camden direction.Only to find out I was on the Grand Union Canal that heads out to Birmingham and The North. After two and  half miles I checked my GPS on the phone and turned around. This added 5 miles to my short walk!

Strange House boats, wondered what it like to live on one of these??

If you had to name a boast "Iron Maiden" seems as good as any!!
I got back to Little Venice asked someone at the Cafe and information centre on a canal boat the correct direction for Camden ,bought a packet of crisps and set off along Regents Canal.

Some Large Houses In The Regents Park area that back onto the Canal.
 The following bridge is called Blow up Bridge......So called because a barge carrying gunpowder exploded on 2nd October 1874 at 4.55 in the morning, at Macclesfield Bridge.
Three of the crew were killed, the bridge destroyed and windows were blown out a mile away. It also destroyed the house of Alma-Tadema who almost certainly owed his life to a prior engagement.
The canal was closed for four days. Another of the barges was also damaged and sank.

 Grooves from towing ropes that were attached to the barges horses.

Then we were passing through the middle of London Zoo in Regents Park.....

Walking past The Zoo....

Feng Shang Floating Chinese Restaurant

Then I came up to Pirate Castle where they do cheap kayaking and other activities..looked cool!

It was only a short walk after this until I reached the vibrant Camden Lock and the markets.

Could have spent hours in here, if only I had the money!!

There was a food market with food from all corners of the world, I had free samples of Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Chinese fried chicken.The Jerk Chicken was lovely, must dig out a recipe for it.

Then a look around at the various stalls and shops....

This shop was selling old bike starting from £150!!!

Cyberdog Store,you gotta look in here.Trance clothing and in the basement was a torture dungeon!!(full of sex toys and gimp masks! lol

And finished off with a pint of lager and a packet of crisps!

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